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Save Money by Being Organized!

Being Organized in the Kitchen will help Save Money by:

  • Preventing "duplicate buys" - buying food or items you already have but can't find or forgot you had
  • Reducing the amount of unused or wasted food that can get "lost" in the refrigerator. Be organized by conducting regular refrigerator maintenance on a weekly basis
  • Making time to plan and bring lunches from home rather than last minute fast food or eating out regularly
  • Preventing last minute or extra trips to the grocery store which usually result in unplanned money spent
  • Planning menus for more balanced meals and being able to take advantage of grocery specials and efficiently use grocery items
  • Reducing money spent on impulse buys in the grocery store. Be organized by bringing a written grocery list
  • Using coupons that are current and placed in an area where you will actually use them
  • Saving time trying to find things time you could spend making money
  • Caring for appliances or cookware that will have a longer life because of routine maintenance and care
  • Saving gas money and time by better planning errands

Being Organized with your Mail and Paperwork can save you Money by:

  • Paying bills on time which affects your credit and ability to borrow money.
  • Reducing late fees due to unpaid bills that have been lost or forgotten.
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Having good records and an easy way to retrieve
  • Having an efficient bill and record keeping system or establishing auto bill pay with your bank
  • Reduce odds of identity theft by properly discarding personal information
  • Not having to re-do things
  • Avoiding missed appointments
  • Having a plan on how to spend or save your money which prevents overspending and impulse buys
  • Saying "No" to things that waste your money
  • Being able to take advantage of charitable deductions or tax savings
  • Getting your taxes filed on a timely basis
  • Finding money you have lost (many a lost check or bill is found in an unorganized pile of papers)
  • Taking advantage of rebates
  • Being able to return items with a receipt
  • Take advantage of gift cards (many are purchased of given but not used because we can't find them or put them in a place where they can be used when needed)
  • Adopting a cash only policy which will reduce impulse buys and change the way buying decisions are made
  • Being able to take advantage of "early bird" specials
  • Reducing late fees for DVD or video returns
  • Being current on warranties
  • Ultimately lowering personal healthcare costs by decreasing stress caused by disorganization and clutter

Being Organized in your Home can save you Money by:

  • Ultimately lowering personal healthcare costs by decreasing stress caused by disorganization and clutter
  • Not having to re-buy something you can't find
  • Increasing shelf life to things well cared for
  • Saving time and stress by quickly being able to retrieve things needed
  • Not having to buy a bigger house to store things you don't really need or use
  • Determining what items bring you the most value (applying the 80/20 rule, we only use 20% of our stuff)
  • Returning the usefulness and purpose to room or space - being able to enjoy the return on the investment you have made in your home
  • Increasing time to spend on things we enjoy by better using space
  • Reducing injury or accidents that can be caused by clutter which can affect earning potential if worktime is affected