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Working with Lee has been a very positive experience. She is professional, enthusiastic and non-judgmental. Having another set of eyes assessing your management skills has been very helpful. I highly recommend her 9 step approach to getting organized and remaining so. They are steps to a more relaxed and productive lifestyle. Enjoy the things you treasure and let go of the things that bogg you down.
- Mary (Sacramento, CA)


Lee Mahla has an amazing capacity to see order in chaos, and a wonderful knack for developing processes that save time and restore sanity. And -- her high energy level is positively contagious!
- Nancy Compton, Principal (Charles Jones Skills & Business Education Center)


Lee Mahla is one of those people who can change your life! I recently started a new job with many different responsibilities and was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to organize it all. Both my desk and e-mails were a mess! In just two sessions, Lee helped me create an easy and efficient method that was perfect for my individual style and way of thinking. I was amazed! If you have a chance to work with her, I say don’t pass it up! Its money well spent and the best gift you can give yourself!!
- Linda E (Sacramento, CA)


Lee taught me so much about keeping organized....labels and portable drawer containers to keep small objects where you can actually find them, ; as well as the value of periodic purging to keep clutter to a minimum. She is now an annual requirement! Thank you so much Lee.
- Mandy (Carmichael, CA)


My private office used to look like a disaster area. Lee helped us develop a system where it not only looked presentable, but functioned better as well.
- John (Sacramento, CA)


We recently moved back to the San Francisco bay area after seven years, and Lee Mahla's invaluable help enabled us to make sense out of what had the potential to become a disaster. She and her staff were able to sort out many years of papers and files which had been collected but not organized in a meaningful way. Everyone worked together, and it soon all made sense. There is no way I could have done this without her competent and organized help! Thank you Lee and staff!
- Joan (Grass Valley, CA)


Lee has provided me with practical, easy solutions for organizing my house around two small children. Even my children's art supplies are well-organized....the girls can quickly find and put away materials on their own. They are happy and confident that they are able to complete projects on their own with our new organizational system.
- Erin (Sacramento, CA)


It seemed like I was paralyzed with a "Where to Start?" attitude until Lee stepped in and took control. I recommend her for anyone with a small shelf or a whole house to get organized. She understands the psychology of clutter, and uses a professional and comforting manner to help those in need of organization.
- Kara Turner (Sacramento, CA)


Working with Lee Mahla was a breath of fresh air. As a business owner and self-described "project junkie", I have many interests. Lee organized my focus and we set realistic deadlines that I could manage. Her communication style is open and attentive. Seeing my true interests and skills emerge is inspiring and rewarding. Thanks Lee!
- Pamela D. (Sacramento, CA)


Lee did a fantastic job in turning chaos into complete organization. She took our cluttered garage and gave us back useable space with tips on how to continue to keep things organized.
- Diana Rowe (Sacramento, CA)


Lee helped me over an 8-month period with purging excess stuff--videos, books, household items and furniture that did not fit my smaller apartment. Lee not only had many tips for how to go through items (sorting and purging), but actually was there and got me started; she then followed through with encouragement in e-mails between sessions. What was most helpful were her encouraging words about the whole process, and how it's best to have a reason to be organized. What I really liked about working with Lee was that she never insisted I get rid of anything; she just asked me what I wanted to create for my space and then left it up to me what to let go of and when. Lee always had several suggestions for what to do for any given project, but always left it up to me to decide. Through working with Lee, I came away with a given system of asking myself questions and taking small step actions to getting rid of things I no longer use or want, and only keeping the best. I have gained both tangible results, as well as peace-of-mind.

As you can tell, Lee really helped me with purging excess stuff and I've taken what I learned from that and apply it to everything in my apartment, as well as my life!
- Ariane (Davis, CA)


I have a 4 year old who has insists upon keeping many treasures. I had no idea how to organize any of it. Going into his room was so stressful. I'd given up and had created piles in his room for stuff. Lee was great, she came in and instantly helped me create more space in his room by rearranging where the furniture went. From there she recommended a closet system. Luke can now clean his room and all of his treasures have a "home".
- Amy Givens (Citrus Heights, CA)